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March 07 2014




The art of baking would be a discovery Phyllis encountered as a child becoming an adult in the Philippines. Neighboring her home was as a famous family that ran a little baking company. The mother invited Phyllis to provide since the company�s apprentice, allowing her to mix eggs, measure sugar and knead dough, and everyday Phyllis would go back home having a half bakery and, if she was luck, the perimeters of some brownies. Even today, Phyllis treasures that time in their life, her realization that baking was her passion. - natural

Together with her adoration for baking, Phyllis is alert to her body along with what she feeds it; she carries exactly the same awareness toward her household also. Sherrrd like to find out people eating better and making wiser food choices, so SuperBaked premiered to supply people who love super tasty baked treats a clear and organic substitute for what's perfectly located at the modern grocery store snack food aisle.

Phyllis puts it such as this: "SuperBaked is passionate about making great-tasting baked goods and the pleasure of sharing them others. We are committed to only using ingredients that are fresh, wholesome and safe to eat."

WHY ORGANIC?(just an idea for web content)
SuperBaked believes that certified organic ingredients are answer to conserve a healthy lifestyle. With wholesome, all-natural ingredients, there is no need to worry about additives, colorings, artificial flavors, processed sugars, and so on. Consider a baked good's base: Flour. It comes from grain, which can be grown over a farm, and most commercial farms coat their grain in most types of mad chemicals--herbicides, fungicides, insecticides--all of which are actually considered cancerous from the EPA. Yikes! And not only are we talking health benefits, we're discussing pleasure. Organic your meals are super tasty because organic farmers worry about the caliber of soil as well as other components of growing crops and convey. You can find studies to prove this fact, likeTHIS ONE. Last, however, not least, by ordering and eating organic foods, you might be supporting independent, organic farmers, the small guys who keep setting up a battle challenging mega commercial farms that spray their crops with the nasties mentioned earlier. - natural

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